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Youtube Japan

post your favourites

Post your favourite Japanese Youtube vids.
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what is this?

Post your favourite Japanese youtube clips. No anime. 'nuff said.


1 - descriptive subject please. This can be as simple as the topic - ie: "The Timers". Or "stupid harajuku kids ftw!"

2 - All clips should have a description Please say something about the clip. Is it news? Is it a commercial? Is it about food? Etc.

3 - LJ-Cut please The first clip can be embedded outside but all other clips must be within an LJ-cut. If you don't know what an LJ-cut is please review livejournal's FAQ further before posting. Any posts not in compliance will be deleted.

4 - NSFW warning plz No-brainer but if there's gross/mature content please note it appropriately.

5 - no anime By this really I mean it. No anime. Short animation is okay but should be something someone who hates anime can enjoy. The reason for this rather anti-anime rule is too often Japan = anime in people's eyes and I'd like this community to be a focus point for other representations of Japan.